Who We Are

About The Company: Skeetie B’s Production is a creative, engaging, socially conscious company that is focused on the art of family-centric living, loving and learning. It was formed after 14 months of intentional living as a platform to create and share our blog, books, interactive design and publishing experience with the world. We love our community, readers, families, friends, pets and most importantly, each other.

Our mission is to share and evoke our passion for living, loving and learning through our products and services with our customers, community and employees. To continue to grow, learn and teach in a way that is fun not only for us, but also for all of those we reach. To provide extraordinary products and services that will enrich lives, activate curiosity and are safe for the consumer and our environment.

Our Guiding Principles

Be courageous.

Be willing to do the things you want to do that scare you, that will stretch you. To stay in your comfort zone is to stop learning and stop growing. Fear kills the mind and spirit, and while we will always feel uneasiness about the unknown, letting it move through us while we continue to move forward is the only way to not only succeed but also feel truly alive. What courageous thing might we do that can benefit our customers?

Be a life-long learner.

Life and change never ends and neither should our desire to learn. Participate in life with the intention of learning. You can learn from Google or grad school. Most importantly, our customers, our family, our community, our friends and especially our children always have something to teach us and we have what we have learned to share in return.

Have fun.

Life is too short to not have fun. When we find a way to connect what we do with our innate joy, everything and everybody benefits. We have the most fun pursuing our passions. The greatest gains (financial, spiritual, emotional) will come from the place of creating where our deepest passions meet our customer’s deepest needs.