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Skeeter Buck is the founder of Skeetie B’s Production—a children’s book and interactive design company and the creator of The Toothless Fairy. Skeetie B’s was formed as a platform to support her belief that it is important to do something each year that scares her half to death. Buck holds advanced degrees from John F. Kennedy University (California) and Naropa University (Colorado) and has over 25 years of experience in organizational management, organizational psychology and environmental leadership. Skeeter resides in both Northern California and Colorado with her wife Alexandra and their son Daniel. Daniel was her inspiration for The Toothless Fairy. One of her greatest experiences as a parent has been watching her son learn to read. When she is not hanging out with her lovely family you can find her on the golf course, snow and water skiing or kayaking with her dogs Lucy and Gracie. Interesting Facts 1. I rode my bicycle from Seattle, WA to Atlantic City, NJ in 46 days 2. I love lemons, but detest lemon meringue pie 3. I was the escort for Elizabeth Taylor as Grand Marshall in a parade and she drove into a police car. 4. I knew nothing about publishing books when I started my publishing 5. I lose my iPhone, wallet or car keys at least once a week.

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