grate·fulThose Loving Words

There are no words to describe the feeling in your heart when your child puts his arm around you — minutes before falling asleep and says — “I’m so glad you are my mom and then follows with “we have the best family.”

This is one of the best gifts a child can give a parent and if I am thankful for one thing this Thanksgiving – it is that my wife and I didn’t pass up on the opportunity to become parents.

There is no greater responsibility and joy (yes, I’m sure heartbreak to come) than being a parent. Our lives couldn’t be richer, fuller or more adventurous than it has been these past 6 ½ years.





So with that, here is to you and your family – whatever family it is that you have created in this wonderful life of yours – have a very grateful holiday filled with loving gestures and memories already created or yet to come.