Skeetie B’s is a creative, engaging, socially conscious company that is focused on the art of transformational living, loving and learning. It was formed after 14 months of intentional living as a platform to create and share our blog, books, interactive design and publishing experience with the world. We love our community, readers, families, friends, pets and most importantly, each other.

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  • We Are Gentle Loving People

Hate is a Banned Word in our Family

Memories and Emotions I have been filled with several different memories and emotions since experiencing the horrible news about the lives lost to the horrific act of violence in Orlando.  My primary thoughts are of ...

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  • Establish Your Brand

Living, Loving and Learning to Blog

  Blogging can be messy   I had no idea how hard this would be – learning to blog – well, I mean learning to blog well. I’ve always had a lot to ...

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  • Meera Shanti - My Basic Income

My Basic Income — Free Money for Everyone!

Skeetie B's Production 2015 What if someone offered you free money – enough to meet all your basic needs, no strings attached, and the only requirement was to answer one question – what ...

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Toothless Fairy

Skeetie B’s is excited to announce their first book. The Toothless Fairy is now available.

Toothless Fairy

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Night River Press is a publishing company established to empower writers.

Night River Press

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